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dean-has-pie asked:

Do you wanna build a toy car? Cmon Dean let's go and play! We never hang out anymore; stop looking for, angels to whom we pray! You used to be so happy, and now you're not; I wish you'd put on a smile! Do you wanna build a toy car?...





Can I add to this???? Well… I’m going to. :P

"Do you wanna build a toy car?

It doesn’t have to be a toy car…”


"Okay bye….

Do you wanna build a toy car?

Or make sure that guy’s really dead?

I think some company is overdue

I’ve started talking to the demons in my head!

(Shut up Satan.)

It gets a little lonely

All these empty rooms

Just watching our friends all die!

(One, two, three, four, five, six…. )”

"Dean… I know you’re in there.

Our friends are asking where you’ve been.

I know Hell was really hard for you,

But I have been there too…

Please let me in.

We only have each other…

It’s just you and me.

What are we gonna do?

Do you want to build a toy car? ” ))



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